• Talking Semantics
    Talking SemanticsTalking SemanticsTalking Semantics
    Talking SemanticsTalking Semantics

    Talking Semantics

    Talking Semantics

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    by Sadie Lewis

    A range of 20 humorous, photocopiable, composite pictures used to strengthen a child’s understanding of words and concepts (semantic knowledge).

    Each picture contains 16 or more items linked to a theme: e.g. hot, handles, on-off, through, up-down.

    Along with these, there are numerous extension activities aiding the teacher or therapist to increase the child's understanding.

    Increased semantic knowledge facilitates word finding skills and new word learning.

    Once the supporting adult has learnt how to explore words through Talking Semantics, the same ideas can be used to help a pupil to learn about other new words and concepts that are introduced during lessons at school.

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