• Talking Phonology
    Talking PhonologyTalking PhonologyTalking Phonology
    Talking PhonologyTalking PhonologyTalking Phonology

    Talking Phonology

    Talking Phonology

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    by Sadie Lewis

    An important resource that supports phonological processing skills, strengthens phonological representations and improves links between words.

    Each original picture contains 5 items linked through initial sounds, and 5 items linked through rhyme to promote phonological awareness skills.

    • e.g. cat, carrot, candles, car, can, cake; 
    • mat, rat, hat, bat, fat.

    Each of the 18 sections has:
    • a picture to set the focus word
    • a composite picture
    • sentence completion exercise
    • clues to enhance the child's ability to generalise learned skills
    • a record form.

    The work inspires children and adults and is photocopiable.

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