• Reversible Verbs
    Reversible VerbsReversible VerbsReversible Verbs
    Reversible VerbsReversible VerbsReversible Verbs

    Reversible Verbs

    Reversible Verbs

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    Reversible Verbs provides the therapist or teacher with a tool for teaching word order and thematic role assignment.

    Reversible Verbs is a unique resource that increases the child or adult's knowledge of verbs and how changing the word order alters the meaning of the sentence. For example, 'the donkey is pushing the man' and 'the man is pushing the donkey'; 'the boy is pushing the tree' and 'the tree is pushing the boy'.

    Reversible Verbs contains sensible and humorous photocopiable pictures and written tasks for use with the child or adult. It is a tried and tested method of working on sentence level comprehension and construction 

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