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    by Sally Merrison & Andrew Merrison, first published in 2003.

    ISBN 978-1-874534-49-5

    An Assessment and Therapy Resource for Pragmatic Language Skills This resource enables professionals to objectively assess, profile and monitor the communication skills of clients with pragmatic language impairments and also provides ideas for intervention. MerriMaps can be used with both children aged 7+, and adult client groups (those with learning disabilities, dysphasia or head injury). The task involves the therapist describing a route on their map (from a script of 16 directions) to the client, whose map lacks the route. The client's aim is to replicate the route onto their own map as closely as possible. The assessment has been designed to provide opportunities for the client to initiate repair following communication breakdown (from inadequate or ambiguous instructions being provided by the therapist).

    Promotes active listening.


    • A4 Manual describing administration and scoring of the assessment (including photocopiable Profile of Pragmatic Skills chart)
    • 2 photocopiable A4 Trial maps
    • 12 photocopiable A3 Maps - 6 for assessment and 6 for therapy.

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