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  • Susie Spins
    Susie SpinsSusie Spins

    Susie Spins

    Susie Spins

    5 5 out of 5 based on 8 reviews.

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    Written by Emma Dalmayne and illustrated by her son Raphelle.

    Susie Spins provides information in the form of a story to enable therapists and teachers to help children in their class to understand their autistic peers. The book is most suitable for pre-school and children aged 5-7 (Key Stage 1).

    Susie Spins is written by a parent to enable other parents to share with their child to help them better understand Autism. It’s useful for relatives to read too!

    Emma, the author and mother of children with ASD, says

    “I hope that this book shows how Susie has the same hobbies, passions and dreams as any other child. The other children may be different to Susie but Susie is not and never should be perceived as less!”

    The story has 18 colourful, durable, gloss coated pages.

    Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed by Roxanne Roche on 27-May-2021
    This book is amazing! My daughter (10) absolutely loved it and related so much. We enjoy reading this a lot 🥰
    Reviewed by Kelly Hart on 13-Mar-2021
    My daughter loves this book. I recently found it in her bed along with her weighted blanket. She's become more comfortable being herself since reading this book.
    Reviewed by Tiffany Ambrose on 26-Jul-2020
    Was a great book to help one understand Autism from a child's perspective.
    Reviewed by Kirsty Smith on 14-Apr-2020
    Absolutely brilliant. I’m autistic and so are 2 of my daughters. My eldest daughter has even brought it into school to read for her class whilst advocating for her twin sisters and I. A lovely read.
    Reviewed by Siobhan Johnson on 09-Apr-2018
    My review for Susie spins by Emma dalmayne. Suzy spins is a beautifully Illustrated well written, simplistic & beautiful. If you want to teach your child or other children about autistic's I highly recommend you getting it it's very easy to read and understand at all ages. Shows all the wonderful interests and differences between the children and how they all get along an embrace one another. Having read this to my son it gives him a better understanding of his peers and himself and encourages him to be very proud of who he is , this book was one of the amazing tools I’ve used. 10/10
    Reviewed by Heather Beattie on 02-Jul-2016
    A well illustrated story of a little girl and her life. It is a fantastic story to introduce differences and disabilities to pre school children, and for older kids could be a great start for discussions and perhaps a project for kids to learn about how lots of people think differently, do different things and its all good. An essential aid, I feel especially in mainstream schools where special needs children are becoming more and more integrated.
    Reviewed by rachel foster on 01-Jul-2016
    A truly wonderful book and a fantastic addition to, it's an Autism thing... I'll help you understand it. This book has been used in our school to help both children and adults understand autistic children and has been very well received. It has been shown to newly diagnosed parents, of children on the spectrum for greater knowledge and insight. I have also enjoyed this book with my own children who have found it easy to use and understand themselves.
    Reviewed by Cathy Withnell on 13-Jun-2016
    This really is a book with a difference. Aimed at making every child feel included, no matter what THEIR differences might be! Clear, easy to read text, beautifully illustrated, this book has a lovely message to any adult reading alongside their child. Highly recommended, and I hope this is just the start of a series because we need these types of books in every learning establishment!
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