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  • Phoneme Factory Sound Sorter Australia
    Phoneme Factory Sound Sorter AustraliaPhoneme Factory Sound Sorter Australia

    Phoneme Factory Sound Sorter Australia

    Phoneme Factory Sound Sorter Australia

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    Australian version

    by Dr Yvonne Wren & Professor Sue Roulstone,
    Bristol Speech & Language Therapy Research Unit

    This software programme provides a range of activities to develop children’s listening and discrimination of speech sounds. It can be used by teaching staff in combination with the Phoneme Factory Phonology Screener (sold separately) which identifies specific pre-set activities on the SoundSorter to use with a particular child. Alternatively it can be used by speech and language therapists to customise activities for a child’s specific pattern of speech sound errors through the selection of targets, contrasts, word position and other settings.

    The SoundSorter software is aimed at children aged between 4 and 8 and:

    • Contains age-appropriate activities to develop a child’s listening and awareness of sounds in speech.
    • SoundSorter Australia is spoken with an Australian voice.
    • Provides busy teachers, SENCO’s and LSA’s with easy configuration, accessibility and record keeping options, consistent with common error patterns seen in young children’s speech.
    • Provides speech and language therapists with the option for more complex configurations for those children who are using unusual speech sound errors.

    The Phoneme Factory works!  For evidence click here.

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