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  • I Say! disc
    I Say! discI Say! disc

    I Say! disc

    I Say! disc

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    by Margaret Valery, first published in 2001

    ISBN 978-1-874534-32-7

    50 short, easy to read dialogues for 2 people are each followed by a series of questions from which further discussion can take place. The content covers a variety of social situations which are aimed at provoking both thought and humour. All dialogues contain inferred information and the questions encourage students to 'read between the lines' to make sense of what they have read. They leave the reader with unanswered questions of what happens next, giving them the opportunity to make predictions and discuss options.

    Using this disc encourages students to:

    • Gain confidence in reading simple text
    • Infer information from the text
    • Make predictions
    • Discuss behaviour in different situations
    • Understand and be aware of the social aspects of language

    The disc is invaluable for:

    • Speech & Language Therapy Clinics
    • Mainstream and Special Schools
    • Support Units
    • Adult Literacy Schemes
    • Basic Skills & Literacy Courses.

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