• It's an Autism Thing - I'll help you understand
    It's an Autism Thing - I'll help you understandIt's an Autism Thing - I'll help you understandIt's an Autism Thing - I'll help you understand
    It's an Autism Thing - I'll help you understandIt's an Autism Thing - I'll help you understand

    It's an Autism Thing - I'll help you understand

    It's an Autism Thing - I'll help you understand

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    by Emma Dalmayne, illustrated by Raphelle Dalmayne.

    A new book offering insights into the life of an autistic person.

    It's an Autism thing... I'll help you understand is a valuable teaching and learning resource. It is a written from Emma’s perspective. Both Emma and her children are on the autism spectrum.

    Relevant topics are explored through sections: 'My Experiences', 'Information' and 'Advice'. The book offers insights into some of the potential trials and challenges of daily life for an autistic person and everyday strategies and support that can all the difference.

    The book offers insights into some of the potential trials and challenges of daily life for an autistic person.

    FORMAT: Paperback.

    Now also available as an interactive e-book from the iBooks Store!

    Find out more on the author's blog, austisticatedalmayne.com and on BEN TV (YouTube)

    Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed by Joy Wilkins on 14-Apr-2019
    Great book, very insightful. Easy to read and well presented. Should have a copy in every workplace. Will be sharing it with my family.
    Reviewed by Jenny Payne on 07-Apr-2019
    Brilliant book for when you child is first diagnosed or you as an adult thinking you are or going through the diagnosis yourself. So many oh that's why moments, really helped with daughter on chapter about reply. Would really recommend, an honest written and what has become my go to book
    Reviewed by Ann James on 07-Apr-2019
    Absoutely loved this book! I think the NHS should buy a whole load and give them to parents at diagnosis stage! I smiled in familiarity with Xmas. I related so much to when you described the feeling of your face being on fire. I call it my 'prickle face' . The more I am hearing about Autistic women's experiences the more I am questioning my own neurology. Thanks again for writing the book, I loved it!
    Reviewed by Siobhan Johnson on 09-Apr-2018
    When someone can write something that you instantly completely relate to it's a very calming , reassuring and refreshing. It’s not that often i pick up a book autistic people experiences and actually completely agree with the advice given. Emma has given fantastic advice in in this book it's honest, its real i really appreciate at that. When we can open up who we are on the level she has this book is when we can be open and honest with ourselves and our children as the beautiful individuals we are. 10/10
    Reviewed by Michael Page on 17-Mar-2018
    This is a beautifully written book which gives the parents of autistic children the tools to hear their children's voices. It will turn despair into pride and confusion into understanding. I'm an autistic adult - this book says what I wanted to say as a child.
    Reviewed by Joana Mateus on 08-Jan-2018
    Absolutely love this book. I get back to it time and again! Emma Dalmayne has done an amazing job translating the issues those on the spectrum often grapple with and also offers a healthy, loving approach towards making these more manageable. It's a must have for any parent of autistic children. It's also a real bonus that it is written by an autistic person who is also a mother of autistic children herself.
    Reviewed by Jeannie ONeill on 09-May-2017
    I love this book. As a parent of neurodiverse children understanding my children is extremely important. I want them all to be happy and understanding their needs and wants is not an easy task. Emma shines a light to help guide your own path or your path along side your child.😍
    Reviewed by Michelle Druitt on 07-May-2017
    This book is a GODSEND to the Parents and caregivers of autistic people. Ms Emma, has provided insight and understanding where there was none. She's answered questions that will keep us in touch with what most Autistic people experience on a daily basis. Im an TRULY GRATEFUL to her for writing this book.
    Reviewed by Dawn Pickles on 26-Jul-2016
    Simple, clear and concise, this book is invaluable for anyone who wants more information about supporting autistic children or adults. I was a little surprised when I received it, to see how short it was - it's only 36 pages. However, it soon became apparent that this makes the book very easy to read and understand, whilst packing in a lot of very useful information. Each of the 10 chapters look at a different issue - meltdowns, stimming, transitions etc and it is broken down into sections - My Experiences, Information and Advice. This gives you a good understanding of what happens, why it happens and what you can do to help. It’s written in clear unambiguous language. It’s presented in an easy to read format. It doesn’t explore things in vast amounts of detail, it doesn’t cover everything, it just focuses on the absolute basics and does that very well. Not everything will be applicable to everyone and there were a couple of bits that I didn't agree with, but the advice is enough to be able to generalise it and adapt it to suit your own family. I have been working with parents of autistic children for 15 years and am a parent myself. This book joins my list of highly recommended books for parents.
    Reviewed by Kath Baker on 15-May-2016
    A friend showed me this book when I was at a low ebb. It is TRUE and valuable, respectful and eye-opening. I don't recommend many books to new friends and colleagues - but this is one I do!
    Reviewed by Jo Harris on 13-May-2016
    A little book with a huge impact. Life-changing, not only for parents of autistics but for autistic adults like me who were never taught how to take care of their own sensory needs. It taught me so much i never knew about myself and I'm the one experiencing it!
    Reviewed by David Greis on 06-May-2016
    Emma, I wanted to tell you that I purchased and read your book You've put words to what I found indescribable; there are so few who could do that I am going to recommend this book to my professors, and I am going to suggest it be included in the curriculum I have read too many 'Autism Help' guides written by NTs who are so cold and clinical, and reading them made me feel hurt, and degraded And I questioned my professors about them The response is always the same, 'These works are the industry standard' Please keep fighting; you could change everything
    Reviewed by Maxine Groves (Booklover Catlady Reviews) on 14-Apr-2016
    I read this book from two perspectives. One as an adult with Aspergers and also as a parent of a teenage son with Aspergers. I have also had lots of experience training young adults on the Autism Spectrum in relation to employment and life skills. Emma's book is very uncomplicated which in my opinion is what a lot of parents and educators are looking for. The book breaks down different aspects of life with Autism and explains how that can be for the Autistic person also offering helpful tips and information along the way. Challenges faced as an Autistic person are tackled and some of those issues can be the same and some can change as the Autistic person changes from childhood to adulthood. Emma has certainly been able to draw on her own life experiences as an Autistic woman and also a parent of children on the Autism Spectrum. I champion books like Emma's as what better insight can you get into the world of Autism than from someone who lives with it everyday? I love her non-fuss writing style and lack of psycho-babble that can really put parents and educators off a lot of books as it just gets too confusing. Five stars for this great book! I wish I had this one when my son first got diagnosed at age 7 (he is now 16), it would have been invaluable. I will be recommending this book to the many Facebook groups I run for Autistic adults and parents. As a top ranked book reviewer you can find more of my book reviews at: www.facebook.com/BookloverCatlady
    Reviewed by Paul Wady on 10-Apr-2016
    A cleverly written book which works as much for adults as it does children. The most explicit and helpful breakdown I have yet found that is so succinct, on so many issues all of us on the spectrum have faced. Very detailed and effective in the way it describes meltdown, sensory issues and everything you will find in it. Well done Emma.
    Reviewed by sarah james on 05-Apr-2016
    Absolutely fantastic a great resource for us to share with friends and family thank you Emma Dalmayne and family and friends! Has opened my eyes to a few things for not only why my little man does things but also perhaps why I do too! Thank you x
    Reviewed by Camilla Hagstroem on 05-Apr-2016
    A very very good little book! Easy to read, and filled with great and helpful information for any person involved with autistic individuals, or a person who are sensing they might be on the spectrum. I would love to help translate it to Danish and Swedish, so it can be a great handbook for schools, kindergartens and parents, relatives and others in these two countries as well. Great job Emma on also using personal experience! Also: love the pictures. This book is really a positive addition to help us understand it!
    Reviewed by Jules Curtis Akers on 09-Mar-2016
    This is an exceptional and vital addition to the body of work on autism and it is for this reason: It is written by a women who has 'been there and done that' as an autistic person and mother of autistic children- without a shred of self pity or resentment. We desperately need more writers like this: writers who celebrate their identity and have a passion for spreading knowledge and acceptance. It is perhaps the best and certainly the most readable of the 'easy reference' works on the subject. As an autistic person, parent, nurse and teacher I recommend this without reservation.
    Reviewed by Olympia Ellinas on 04-Mar-2016
    Very clear descriptions on different aspects of autism. I understood myself better as well (I'm autistic) by reading this book. Also concise and to the point.
    Reviewed by Steve Silberman, author of "NeuroTribes: The Legacy of Autism and How to Think Smarter About People Who Think Differently" on 25-Feb-2016
    A sensible, earnest, succinct, and compassionate book from the autistic mom of neurodivergent kids. Dalmayne's easy-to-grasp explanations cast light into complex behaviors like meltdowns and sensory play from the inside, allowing even neurotypical parents to understand what's going on in the minds of their kids on the spectrum as they face the challenges of daily life. With endearing illustrations by Dalmayne's son Raphelle.
    Reviewed by Kerry Timbrell on 17-Feb-2016
    I love this book. It's very well written & the author offers a true insight into how to understand autism. Great illustrations too. I'd recommend this book for parents, schools & workplaces to understand autism.
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